CPU Magazine product review of
"World 1st Glowing Game Desk & Chair"






CPU Magazine interview for "E-blue comes to the USA"
(Q&A with Gary)






E-blue Chair : the meaning of PC Gaming Chair


Thanks for the PC Gaming World Champion Team "EDG" supporting. They are the Global Champion of LOL tournament and selected our Gaming Chair exclusively.




Office backlit keyboard


The E-blue first backlit office keyboard, LUMIERE, as splendid as usual. This is a keyboard maximizes your efficiency and the delighting backlit digits makes coolest typing. Easy to access to entertainments, stable documentary performance, your office ally-LUMIERE.




E-blue at DreamHack Summer 2014


Wow!! Finally, E-blue participate the world record e-sports festival—DreamHack summer 2014!!! This summer E-blue will come to Sweden to watch the birth of the new champions of the hottest cyber games—starcraft 2, CounterStrike, LoL, battlefield 3, Dota 2…etc.




Web@TV long graph


If you are tired of the small screen of your PC and want to use a big and high resolution TV.
If you would like to sit still and enjoy the convenience of net surfing.
If you would like to do your presentation in the meeting room with walking around......




Auroza gaming mouse IM EMS602


Identify as a PRO gaming mouse among E-blue products, individual components parting 5 various pulsating lights. Glides with if for coolest gaming experience, type IM inserted pro gaming engine accompany distanctive response and outstanding manipulation.




Hong Kong electronic fair autumn edition


First we do appreciate HKTDC offer us such a chance to attract distributors to know more about our brand, and this time we assigned a great location for our booth.